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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Default Sims 4 Homeless College Student Challenge - Mod Heavy!
Your Sim was once a bright college student with dreams of running a business. It wasn't long before partying and skipping classes caught up to him/her that she/he dropped out of college during the first freshman year. Your Sim returned to his/her parents house briefly and managed to maintain a part-time job for nearly three months only to be fired for something another employee did. Your Sim's parent's were done with their child being so irresponsible that they kicked him/her out of their home. Your Sim fell into a depression & now She/He has been homeless and roaming the streets for nearly three years. One day while rummaging through garbage cans, your Sim finds a flyer that offers struggling Sims a chance to go to college by being granted a Sim Studies loan. Your Sim feels discouraged because the only thing she/he has to his/her name is a storage unit and $20. Your Sim decides to apply for the loan anyway and is surprisingly approved. Will your Sim open his/her own business like they always dreamed of or will she/he allow the struggle life to dim her light? Will your Sim find a place to actually call home?
Check out a glimpse of my Sims 4 Homeless College Student Challenge here:
(This is my 1st Sim video & it contains no Mic-Over)

Homeless College Sim Challenge (Mod Heavy!):
Requires the following recommended mods (they can be Googled):
Sims 4 University Mod > http://itasan2.tumblr.com/post/1453...d-by-itasan2-me
LittleMsSam More Buyable Venues (to run your own cafe AND earn money) > http://littlemssam.de/more-buyable-...ew-venue-types/
LittleMsSam ATM Mod > http://littlemssam.de/atm-cards-and...of-zooroos-mod/
UI Extension Cheats > http://modthesims.info/d/558548
Quick Meals/Snacks Cost (By Sims4Me) > http://www.simfileshare.net/download/491931/
Quick Meals/Add On (By Sims4me) > http://www.simfileshare.net/download/491932/

Challenge Directions:
- Create Your Sim! Sim must be dressed in normal, low rate clothing. No make up or jewlery (studded earnings are fine)
- Buy a 20x15 lot
- Search missmani09 in Sims 4 Gallery and download the Homesless College Sims Storage Unit (Or Create your own)
- Place the storage on your lot. Items in the unit may not exceed $5k, give or take. You may not sell these items unless it is a dire emergency
- Use UI Extension cheats & cheat your money away to only $20
- Travel to use a computer & navigate to Purchase a Credit Card/Loan. Purchase a $2,500 loan ONLY (You MUST pay back this loan because every day your funds will be automatically deducted to pay back the loan. This adds realism to the challenge and increases difficulty)
- Travel back to your home lot. Go into buy mode & purchase the University Supplies book
- Click on your Sim's phone and join the University career by choosing a major. Any major is fine.

Now that you're all started, start your sim on his/her journey by reaching the following goals:

Ultimate Goal: To own your own home!
#1. Attend University class three (3) times, consectutively

#2. Earn $5,000 by collecting, fishing, rummaging, swiping, ect.

#3. After earning $5,000, Build a small Ownable Business.
If $5,000 isn't enough, you must EARN more money by collecting, selling, etc.

#4 Open your small cafe/bar/gym - what ever, your choice - using Little Ms Sam's More Buyable Venue's mod and start earning more money.
(Note you must deligate a lot to be an ownable venue in order to purchase an ownable venue. You must buy it by getting on a computer & clicking on household and click on Little Ms Sam, then click on Click on Ownable & then the Venue Type you want your sim to own.

#5. Earn $10,000 in order to buy your first starter home. You may do this by earning money from your ownable business.

#6. After earning $10,000, go to your home lot and bulldoze your lot. Whatever money accumulates after bulldozing is money that can be used toward your new starter home.
Think of it as selling your entire store unit

#7 Go to the Gallery & purchase your homeless sim his/her first Starter home. (You can NOT cheat money)

FINALE: The rest is up to you! What new journey will your Sim partake on now that they are no longer considered homeless?

You may NOT have any other career other than the Univeristy Career. If you quit your University career, you have forfieted the challenge.
You MUST attend class at least 3 times consecutively.
Though sims can sleep anywhere, it is preferred that your sim sleeps on benches, or a homeless shelter/motel/hotel.
If your Sim happens to sleep at a motel, you must deduct $50 from your HH funds, each day they sleep at a motel/hotel
You may only have a boyfriend/girlfriend/mate after earning $5,000.
You may only have baby after purchasing your first starter home
You may quit your college career after purchasing your own home.

Additional reccomended mods:
MCC Command Center > https://deaderpoolmc.tumblr.com/
LittleMsSam Unlock Door for Chosen Sim > http://littlemssam.de/unlock-doors-for-chosen-sims/
LittleMsSam Force To Leave > http://littlemssam.de/force-to-leav...or-interaction/
LittleMsSam More Visitors > http://littlemssam.de/more-visitors...or-interaction/
LittleMsSam Send To Bed > http://littlemssam.de/send-sims-to-bed/

Happy Simming! Share your videos or pictures on the gallery/social media using #homelesscollegesim
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