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Default Revamping tomb lots - broken adventures...
I actually like exploring tombs, but unfortunately a lot of the vanilla tombs are bland, and seem painfully rushed and unfinished, in particular the ones in China - the dragon temple is basically nothing but a whole bunch of ridiculously large and empty rooms. So, I've taken to making a lot of edits to them.

I already did a similar thing with some tombs in Egypt. They were built in a different savegame, and I deleted the default lots for my current save and replaced them with my redone ones. However, this seems to have broken the adventure system, as I cannot seem to get any location specific adventures for Egypt to trigger at all. I expanded the default designs of the tombs and absolutely did not touch any of the default switches, chests, dive wells, etc.

So... I'm kind of stumped here. How do I make replacement tomb lots work across different saves? What did I do wrong? Please help!
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I always considered the tombs a bit of a hurdle, an interesting hurdle though, but I never even got to the track. I found a tutorial for it:

Carl seems to know everything. Instinctly I wouldn't touch a tomb, I wouldn't know how to fix issues if I broke anything. You could use it as an opportunity to learn something new though

I just read something about truly hidden panels and switches. Perhaps you're better off making one from scratch?
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I think that when you replace the lot with a duplicate, the game gives the lot a different ID. Which is why the default adventures don't work- the expected lots don't exist any more.

What I would do is to completely rebuild the lots, including replacing the original switches. That way you can have a sim explore and complete those tombs, just without the opportunity.

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I know that I am very late to that party but I just wanted to add that it is possible to replace a tomb with a copy from the lot bin without breaking the adventures, so the issue here must have a different cause.
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I don’t modify the default tomb rooms, apart from maybe removing one slice of wall to make a new passage. From that I expand and make whole new rooms. I basically just expand on what’s there already. I can always tell what areas are mine because they use CC.

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