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Default TXMT Priority?
Odd question I know, but does anything give priority of one TXMT over another? Say for overlapping partial transparent textures where one needs to be in front of the other on the same mesh? So far it seems completely random which one blocks out the other, though it does at least seem to be permanent and doesn't result in flashing/clipping of the textures. It's just really hindering the progress of some personal projects, not knowing how to swap the 'priorities'.

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It's the mesh, probably. If you have transparent parts, the mesh needs to be layered so that the laye you want to have innermost is at the top of the list of groups in the GMDC, then the middle layers, and the outer layer at the bottom of the list. Transparent items should always be on their own layer, or the Blend setting will create bleeding-through issues with any non-transparent aparts using the same texture.

Say you're making a flower vase with flowers, a transparent vase and some non-transparent deco on the outside. You'd want the layering to be so:

Flowers (would need "stdMatAlphaBlendMode: none" and "stdMatAlphaTestEnabled: 1" to have invisible parts for the petals)
Vase (separate TXMT because of the Blend layer)

If the Flowers and Decorations layer can use the same texture, part up the mesh and rename the Decorations layer to Flowers under Groups in the GMDC. Groups/layers using the same name can use the same texture, and you can have several groups with the same name. Layering would be:

Vase (separate TXMT because of the Blend layer)
Flowers (deco outside)
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